Materials 100% eco-responsible

Vaufoulot has a great vocation and responsibility in developing products inspired by circular fashion and sustainability with 100% eco-responsible materials. They are designed exclusively to meet the needs of the customer who wants to obtain a unique, elegant and originals luxury goods. In this way, applying sustainability concepts is part of its business philosophy.

At Vaufoulot, we work with dedication, creativity and above all we are very passionate about what we do to deliver our customers a quality object that has beauty, glamour, comfort and ecology when displaying or wearing it. In our company we mark the difference between the others by the products and a new service that is having an excellent acceptance between the clients.

VAufoulot is expert in luxury goods and business gift

Business gift

We have supply services like, business gift that allow revaluing the final product; in fact we suggest proposals with new innovative ideas so that the interested company has the opportunity to modify the product according to their personal preferences.

Luxury goods

This will allow them to receive the products or business gift in a very creative and personalized way and will serve as a solution for the moment of realizing events or special dates with aims of commercial profit and unforgettable emotions in your prestigious company.

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