You may be wondering yourself: How the project to create this store came about? Everything unfolded as a love story that gradually consolidated.

In other words, a series of ideas and reflections emerge from our family members, who wish to be in harmony with the same dream and his inspiration by uniting the skills, abilities and time available for personal and professional development.

In this sense a company of great human dimension is envisioned; serious and committed, attracted by our roots and traditions but above all based on respect for life and nature that emphasizes the continuity of the millenary craftsmanship acquired from generation to generation.

Once our purpose was formalized with these conceptions, we made the decision to be innovative on the bags that are used today. And from these perspectives Vaufoulot is created a unique and prestigious brand whose products are made with eco-responsible materials.

The most important thing is that you can participate in this project by buying the desired product. That's why we take the elegance and touch of personal and intellectual property very seriously!

For this reason, we analyse the details of each model as well as the priorities and needs of the customer, focusing on the requirements and comfort of each individual, solving any problems that arise on the design to be acquired. Well, we guarantee that only you can wear it.

We offer a wide range of handcrafted products, exclusively designed for people with a special sensitivity to sustainability. In addition to that we have thought about your comfort and the security of your payment. So what are you waiting for? Do not be without your bag, we invite you to come with us, meet us and enjoy this prestigious online store.

You'll be amazed at our designs!