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Wind Bag

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Honor your elegance!
Sophisticated design in eco-friendly leather bags designed exclusively for you.
You who are looking for, the one that is probably your most functional and indispensable accessory and that you will wear this season in perfect association with your look.
Some ecological leather bags become objects of desire and passion on a global scale.
A reverence for craftsmanship and innovation!

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A soft breeze blows over the vaufoulot and transforms its leather bags into the protagonists of this category.

The fusion between beauty, art and sustainability is a reflection that undoubtedly involves providing a better quality of life.

Leather bags combined with different ecological textures and fabrics connect spiritually with nature, taking innovative ideas to the extreme and provoking optimistic reactions that make it instinctively unique.

Our motto: There is no greater emotion than receiving the bag you wanted!

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