Handmade leather bags

Discover our exclusive designs on handbags, backpacks and accessories made in leather by hand.

Vaufoulot, as a luxury brand and excellent quality in handmade leather bags for women, during and exhibition.

Fashion and commitment

We are proud to offer the buyers an exclusive brand and excellent quality in handmade leather handbags for women.

The love and passion for this work are the central energies that nourish a commitment of continuity for all the products created.

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by offering them elegance, comfort and quality, as well as our passion for fashion and the pleasure of wearing an elegant and practical handmade leather handbag for women.

Vaufoulot's mission is to design bags for women with accessories glamorous, sophisticated and functional, compatible with all the concepts of fashion.

That is to say, they combine both "Eco chic Bags" and sustainable development to make you feel like a "Pretty woman" young, beautiful and with the confidence of a modern and daring woman.

From magie to creation

With years of manufacturing and know-how in leather, our handmade leather handbags for women and other high-end leather creations, hand-stitched finishes and jewellery showcase the technical knowledge of artisans.

A place of experimentation, it has treasures such as colours, textures and aromas of leather that have been united for many years and allow us to explore refined materials, original designer bags and special assembly techniques.

The irreproachable quality of the finishes gives rise to exceptional Eco Chic bags with unique lines.

We actively participate in every step of the process to advise and guide our clients.

Designing of a handmade leather handbags for women . Creating a handmade leather handbags A Vaufoulot product in a natural environment.

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Which importance is to have a handmade leather handbag?

At Vaufoulot, we idealize handmade Eco chic bags because we value your style by giving importance to your tastes and preferences without forgetting the durability and materials, we use to make them.

That is why we are pleased to offer you a completely ecological product, available in our official online shop, advised by us and that you can proudly display.

It is important to know that when you buy this product, you get an authentic and irreplaceable piece that you can combine elegantly with your clothes or jewellery by defining your style and turning you into a centre of attraction among other women. We make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Each handmade leather handbag for women is made with high quality materials, giving it that touch of originality in texture and colour, making it a craft that you deserve to have, whose properties are summarized in strength, durability and flexibility.

With these creative details, we offer a wide variety of designs, some customized if you suggest it. By the effect of your purchase, we guarantee you handmade leather handbags for women with different characteristics to the others, depending on the exclusivity of each model.

Why is this gift unique?

Wearing handmade leather handbags for women from Vaufoulot, reflect your personality in every sense of the word because it qualifies you as a woman with her own style and with a very special and exquisite taste in the fashion world, allowing you to combine it in a very versatile way day after day.

That's why we offer a variety of eco chic bags as a unique gift that only you can have and wear, as they highlight the elegance of your appearance at the forefront of fashion.

We create unique and original designs that are an innovation in the aesthetics of craftsmanship highlighting art in its shapes, textures and colours. The resistance and flexibility of the material in which each of them is developed, will not allow you to doubt by acquiring it for yourself or to offer it to someone very special.

In this sense, we offer you this product so that you can display handmade leather handbags with glamour and satisfaction. We adapt the collection to sustainable scales. When you buy, you will take possession of a unique designer bags created in our prestigious Vaufoulot workshop in which we also offer you ecological awareness and creativity in style, tonality and craft texture.

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