Vaufoulot Fashion Week de Barcelona 2019 Showroom


We are proud to offer the buyers an exclusive brand and excellent quality in bags for women.

The love and passion for this work are the central energies that nourish a commitment of continuity for all the products created.

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by offering them elegance, comfort and quality, as well as our passion for fashion and the pleasure of wearing an elegant and practical bag for women.

Vaufoulot's mission is to produce bags for women with accessories glamorous, sophisticated and functional, compatible with all the concepts of fashion.

That is to say, they combine both "French Luxury" and sustainable development to make you feel like a "Pretty woman" young, beautiful and with the confidence of a modern and daring woman.


With years of manufacturing and know-how in leather, our bags for women and other high-end leather creations, hand-stitched finishes and jewellery showcase the technical knowledge of artisans.

A place of experimentation, it has treasures such as colours, textures and aromas of leather that have been united for many years and allow us to explore refined materials, original and special assembly techniques.

The irreproachable quality of the finishes gives rise to exceptional products with unique lines.

We actively participate in every step of the process to advise and guide our clients.

Vaufoulot is design Vaufoulot is creation Vaufoulot is nature

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