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This is the time to celebrate communions, weddings and other parties, for which he can’t miss the Restaurant interior design.

We have created a space where luxury and ethics are the spirit of our philosophy.

Show your guests a passion for good food and a truly avant-garde table.

After several months we have developed an innovative product, which will turn your tables into stars that will be the most glittering from the universe.

On our wish list, is to give your space a touch of glamor and romance.

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Our brand Vaufoulot of French origin and Mediterranean essence designs unique and personalized pieces for our customers to decorate restaurants and events.

With craftsmanship, we are committed to creating beauty by elevating luxury to the highest level.

As if it were a paper figure, Vaufoulot complements are inspired by Japanese design, which adds an ethical and ecological value to your table.

Restaurant interior design... Vaufoulot will be on your "Wish List"

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