Why Vaufoulot?

Because the essence of Vaufoulot is the craftsmanship that goes into making each and every one of its models. Our handbags are unique and handmade using eco-responsible materials.

Our passion for what we do means we are committed to an entirely handmade production process. Our attention to the smallest of details from the quality of materials and the designs to the finishing touches results in an exclusive product.

We are committed to a process which is 100% handcrafted where in the hands of our artisans the designs come to life and the result is magical.

Because Vaufoulot uses Rhubarb as its main raw material along with Merino wool and Australian wool all of which are natural and ecological fibers of the highest quality.

All of our models are made with natural materials such as cotton or leather and handcrafted to create an extraordinary product.

Our pieces reflect the trend for comfort and practicality while also being eco-friendly, a hallmark of Vaufoulot.

Because Vaufoulot is committed to maintaining a completely handmade production process from beginning to end.

We have a large team of artisans in Ubrique (Spain) with experience and expertise in the creation of luxury leather goods highly regarded around the world.

Accordingly, all of our bags are designed, cut, put together and sewn with the greatest attention to detail.

Vaufoulot, therefore, represents a philosophy of ecological and sustainable life.