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For many owners who walk their dogs, they need a good collar and a good leash.

Vaufoulot offers you collars so that your animal is so beautiful, attractive and with the security of having it always at your side.

Dog collars are a symbol of elegance, which is why we have one for every occasion. They are made by experienced craftsmen who reinvent themselves by combining them with your bag.

Let yourself be surprised by our collection of dog collars and dare to wear them with the glamor of your look.

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A detail to raise the note ?

Master and dog in perfect harmony.

Try adding ti your equation an extremely sweet element like sustainable dog collars !

You will verify that there is no limit to demonstrate that the magic of the accessories not only enhances the effect, but also, in turn, balances the forces between you and your partner.

The master craftsmen of Vaufoulot create dog collars especially for small breeds and puppies. Made with soft and luxurious materials indicated for the best comfort of your pet.

Start enjoying the walks now!

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