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Discover our Slow Fashion products developed in harmony with nature and thinking about ethical and sustainable fashion.

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Sustainable Slow Fashion bags

If you still do not have the slow fashion complement of your dreams, we respond to your needs and at the same time bring a change in your lifestyle. You can honour the elegant, glamorous, and be ecological with our biodegradable items.

Discover our range of eco fashion products developed in harmony with nature, introducing in our collections raw materials that respect the environment.

We guarantee the traceability of all our raw materials with GOTS certification.

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Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion and Vaufoulot

Since the beginning of Vaufoulot, we have projected ourselves in such a way as to please your most original tastes, making a surprising impression on you with our artisanal art. We are advocates of "Sustainable Fashion", and due to this, we strongly oppose modern fashion.

We are fully convinced that the industrial manufacture of a product has an impact on the environment. And generates ecological damage, we are aware of this and put the environment at the forefront to create the product we offer.

Our online shop offers you the opportunity to purchase our prestigious "Ecological Bags" merchandise. Our products are a unique and durable feminine handcrafted accessory, made of echoes of materials of optimal quality. We are part of the Slow Movement in fashion, raw materials are selected and extracted from the environment without damaging it or altering the balance of its existence.

With the purchase of one of our bags, you are part of the slow fashion movement, a movement that promotes your responsible consumption. With ethical conviction, you will be able to display our works of art with pride and elegance in all seasons and on all occasions, without any charge of conscience. Acquiring them, you will be part of this Slow Fashion movement in the world, and you will express the environment is so important to you.

Slow Fashion brand

Based on this trend, Vaufoulot, as a slow fashion brand emphasizes the return to fashion craftsmanship, strives every day to manufacture new versions of eco-friendly bags, all with a new creative, totally innovative and versatile character.

To do this, we consider the fact that you are an exclusive customer who must buy and use a different but above all, sustainable product. With an extraordinary art, we guarantee you real work that honours ecology.

Our ethical and ecological bags are made with excellent recyclable materials from nature. We transform this raw material with methods that are totally harmless to the environment. At the same time, we respect the human rights of our artisans as workers.

In this sense, we invite you to visit us through social networks to learn more about this great profession and discover Vaufoulot as a slow fashion brand. We open the doors of our workshop for you to see our fantastic work.

With your visit, you will be surprised to see how we, the creators of Vaufoulot, manufacture ecological and glamorous handbags following the principles of the slow fashion movement. We make sure that each design is unique, it includes a touch of extreme elegance, results from the perfect combination of different craft materials and sophisticated accessories.

Why Vaufoulot has a limited production?

You may be wondering why Vaufoulot has a limited production? Because in our micro-business, we focus on obsessive dedication on making a unique product that only you can acquire. We guarantee the total quality, and at the same time superior elegance, versatility and economy when making your purchase, you will be able to enjoy a real profession!

Our artisanal know-how allows us to create an innovative sustainable product, each one manufactured with a different and defined personality, unique in its genre! This is where the cultural and environmental value that we promote with our creative ideas acquired from generation to generation is immersed. Evolving craftsmanship for a more promising, ethical and productive future.

We work with materials derived from organic materials; obtained with an excessive awareness that allows us to design a sustainable product and allows us to get a real finish. Our work is prepared most especially and naturally. The appreciation for ecological craftsmanship for us is significant. Undeniably we get just with their taste if you can buy a green handbag made with our own hands.

That is why, as part of the slow fashion movement, our goal is not precisely to obtain a net economic benefit or to compete with other merchants in terms of the number of products. We do focus to make sure to offer you our own style with the optimal quality so that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

We are part of the Slow Movement

In this sense, we represent a recognized brand in Europe that meets all the expectations of sustainable fashion "The avant-garde trend" and part of the slow movement. Materials used in the production of our ecological bags are previously selected and processed with a view to sustainability.

We use "The best equipment" because we treat it ourselves and with very traditional methods, techniques and manual machines. Products we use in these processes are clearly safe for the environment. This allows us to recognize our efforts and dedication to assign value to work, which helps us to establish fair prices for each finished craft product.

Ethical Fashion

During this process of Slow Movement production and ethical fashion, we rely on the quality of each ecological bag we offer. We are designers and manufacturers.

We certify the durability of the product so that you can use it with confidence and safety, without fear of damaging it in continuous use. You will be proud to display a glamorous work of art made with the most exquisite craftsmanship in the world of fashion.

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