Why recycling our bags in Vaufoulot

Why Recycle? You could say that mainly recycling is to save energy and fight climate change. With a little imagination through recycling, you can create new products with everyday objects! Vaufoulot has launched Ecodesign, with the aim of designing or redesigning handbags that have reached the end of their useful life. Are we really aware of the impact of our everyday actions, such as recycling materials that we no longer use?

Our vision: to integrate sustainable design into your life

Recycle a handbag : integrate sustainable design into your life

Since its creation, Vaufoulot has offered to create bags essentially for you and to identify itself by its "unique" character, which makes it possible to mark the difference by its artisanal characteristics.

What makes our creation more interesting is its sustainable design because we aim to satisfy your needs without causing environmental risks, social and cultural aspects while maintaining a 100% healthy environment.

With this design, we identify ourselves on the market, because Vaufoulot's mission is to produce sustainably and how do we do that? For the creation of our new limited series product and the recycling of bags, we take care in the models, but also in the material that we will use. It must be respectful of the environment, living beings and natural resources.

To do this, we select and/or recycle a handbag without causing environmental imbalances during the fabrication, thus ensuring an ecological, light and durable bag that you can use with great elegance for a long time.

We think it is great that you can carry our goods with great pride and we assure you that you will be happy and satisfied to be an active part of conserving the planet's biodiversity.

Our commitment extends from the selection of materials to the creation of products, with a positive impact on the environment, so we try to use environmentally friendly materials because we respect animal life and welfare in large part so that you, as a customer, can be fully assured of sustainability.

Finally, we ensure that the manufacturing process of each bag is carried out with an emphasis on the material, which does not generate pollutants of any kind, also ensuring the safety of the employee, who deserves it well.

Recycle a handbag from Vaufoulot

Recycle a handbag from Vaufoulot

One of the objectives for Vaufoulot is the Prevention of waste by designing articles that are durable, composed of materials of excellent quality and with a long life.

Facilitating the recycling handbags process, this is the way to preventing our products from becoming waste prematurely.

On the other hand, it is important for you to know that we only accept Vaufoulot products for recycling, the process is simple.  We always recommend that you find a new home for your bag or item that can still be used.

Any Vaufoulot product that has reached the end of its useful life can be sent back for recycling or redesign. Simply clean the item properly before shipping and use one of the following collection methods:

The first thing to do is to send us an email to the Vaufoulot Recycle a handbag Services Centre: info@vaufoulot.com

- We will then contact you to choose the most appropriate collection method (depending on your geographical location).

- Once the bag is received, the selection process will begin and the waste, textiles and other materials used will be selectively recycled by our staff.

- A discount will be sent for the next purchase in one of our seasonal items.

If you prefer, you can leave it at a recycling point closer to your location to reduce the impact of transportation on the environment.

- If this is your case, send us the recycling receipt by E-mail and you will receive the discount for recycling.

It is important that you know:

- Recycle a handbag is an example of responsibility and respect for the environment.

- Recycling your old bag is voluntary.

- If you recycle, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your old Vaufoulot handbag will not end up in a landfill or incinerator.

- Recycling is smart for your pocket and the environment.

Circular Fashion

Circular Fashion in Vaufoulot

Without a doubt, we believe that circular fashion is the trend of the future and our vision is to reuse all these materials that are in a state of waste to give them life and make the most of them, avoiding that they become waste and are suitable to create our line of ecological bags customized exclusively for you.

Despite this, our imagination and skills to develop and produce this accessory serve as an impetus to be part of protecting our ecosystem by giving value and decent work to people who want to be part of our great team.

It should be noted that the material flow is circular, which means that we work with everything related to the materials we can recycle, with the use of current technologies, we obtain an ideal new material for our designs that allows us to create biodegradable products. Also known as the 3R, reduce, reuse and recycle a handbag.

To do this, it is essential to start selecting the material that we will recycle according to the designs, taking into account all the elements that can be combined and that allow us to obtain a truly durable material, among which we can find:

- Vegetable and fruity skins and garment such: Organic cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Jute, Rattan, Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Orange, Textile Lotus, Mushrooms, Fish, Cattle and others.

They are among the most remarkable in Vaufoulot, so they are extremely ecological, reusable and above all never go out of fashion!

Our work on sustainability

Our work on sustainability in Vaufoulot

Your interest in knowing us has undoubtedly led you to identify us with other manufacturers and we are sure that you will wonder on what basis our work is based?

We stand out for our efficiency and responsibility in the committed and balanced use we give to natural resources to recycle a handbag obtain the recycled materials we will use for each bag, doing our work in a sustainable way.

We excel in efficiency and responsibility, in the committed and balanced use we give to natural resources a second chance to recycle a handbag that we will use, so we will be able to do our job in sustainability.

Just by buying a handmade handbag from our product range, you already identify with durability and will be seduced by the wearing of a high-quality product.

This trend allows us not only to generate jobs for our workers or specific profits for ourselves, but also to commit ourselves to promoting environmental, social and even economic development in the long term.

Our environmental footprint is typical of our "Responsible and efficient" characteristics, most materials are processed and elaborated manually as well as the creation of the handbag, that's why they are 100% handmade and ecological.

Every decision we make to process the raw material is in favour of saving energy and water, saving at least each resource to generate less waste. As well, we contribute responsibly to our society by investing part of our time in strategies that benefit communities from an environmental perspective, work that will likely be part of us in the future.

As an online company, we are committed to sustainable development, paying particular attention and respect to our environment and its social dimension. Only then will we achieve an ideal and sustainable world in which we can live fully and look to the future.