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Shoulder strap bag

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A designer handbags functional and indispensable fashion in all your looks.

Making your dreams come true from your wishes.

To make your beauty and femininity stand out, we have created the HandMade shoulder strap bag!

A fantastic ally practical, dynamic and durable.

A fashion bag inspired by Ecofriendly.

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How to describe with words what is really beautiful?

This season, our shoulder strap bags are a practical jewel, versatile, sublime beauty and a natural character.

Craftsmanship and designs that are both extraordinary and picturesque result in fashionable bags with innovative designs.

Vaufoulot has arrived, marking his own style, betting on sustainable development and the environment.

VLF loves the planet, loves it too, if we can help you achieve it, we will have reached our target.
Live your own adventure!

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