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Give yourself new experiences today!

A wonderful walk accompanied by your best friend with the proposals that Vaufoulot has reserved for you and your pet.

Have you ever wondered ... how do you combine with your dog? Vaufoulot has dog collars, for small dogs that have personality and style.

We are very aware of the well-being of your pet and that is why throughout the process of creating leashes, we have chosen the noblest materials.

Leashes and collars for dogs will be able to combine with your bag!

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Inimitable and with first quality materials and inspired by durability. We designed the dog collars to match the bags.

Yes, yes ... Each bag has its collar and shoulder strap corresponding to small dogs (max 7 kg).

Our artisan selects the materials, cut them and sew them to create dog collars with their own personality. We are the first brand of bags that thinks about you and your pet.

You will create a trend by giving yourself a balanced caprice, mixing environmentally friendly raw materials that preserve the environment.

Take o walk at... The essence of the art of fashion.

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