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The Vaufoulot bag collection is an inspiration; it is the essence of luxury leather goods in which you increase the maximum comfort and convenience, with a passion for sustainable fashion.

We recreate the tradition of the ancient leatherworkers with motifs and more innovative materials of the current sustainable fashion, with a European certification.

It perfectly complements the style and elegance you are looking for ...

A luxury that brings a touch of personality to each of your looks.

Now choose one of the models that will make you shine for each event.

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Let yourself be surprised by the sustainable fashion with the character that Vaufoulot imbues in every room.

Nature is our inspiration and the master craftsmen are responsible for transforming with art, the essence of the old leatherworkers who have inherited the tradition of skin work.

Our proposal merges the best of sustainable fashion with the tradition of artisans.

Some honest origins where the technique is at the service of style, sophistication, sexy, keeping a touch of freshness to the serenity of his collection.

A sustainable fashion with its exquisite local craftsmanship with authentic quality.

We recommend that you never go home with empty handed!

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