What should be the ideal weight of a Woman's beautiful handbag?

In Vaufoulot we believe that for a woman the most indispensable complement is a bag, since we wear it all day and also part of the night, for this reason we have different varieties of designs that include shapes and colours for different tastes.

Woman's beautiful handbag with background garden

In the same way, it will serve to carry part of the important objects that satisfy the daily necessities as the mobile, the wallet, the glasses, the keys and why not? Makeup as a red lipstick.

Today we will bring you a couple of tips to choose the bag that best suits your tastes and needs.

According to the Professional College of Community Physical Therapists of Madrid (CPFCM), carrying a bag incorrectly can cause various pathologies, including cervical problems, trapezial contractures, mobility difficulties in the shoulders and some other complication in elbows or wrists.

Carrying too much weight can also be an inconvenience, which is why at Vaufoulot, we try to make sure that our beautiful handbag do not exceed the correct measurements, always thinking about their well-being and quality of life.

That is why; it is advised that the bag does not exceed 5% of the weight of the person who will carry it.

How to correctly carry a shoulder bag?

You may be wondering what is a shoulder bag? It is simply a “musthave” piece or also known as an indispensable crossover bag in the women “dressingroom”.

Ideally, they should be crossed diagonally, right-handed or left-handed, because this way the weight is distributed optimally. For this reason, it will allow the user to have their hands free, with the peace of mind and security of having their belongings close to their body.

It is important to choose the handbag with a comfortable strap, that means that it is wide between a minimum of 0.59in/0.94in and a maximum of 1.97in that can offer you comfort with a padded leather or textile strap.

We therefore recommend that if you wear it on your shoulder for a long time, you should exchange the beautiful handbag on the side to avoid possible muscle injuries or contractures.

On the other hand, try to make sure that every bag in your wardrobe has a shoulder strap as an option! This is the healthiest way to prevent pain that causes complications in the neck, shoulder and arms.

This way you will be able to alternate the postures distributing the weight, this will allow you to be in agreement with his look. That's why here at Vaufoulot we suggest different alternatives with their models and at the same time we recommend the best option that best suits your needs.

Why chooses the backpack?

Backpack as an ideal complement for women

The ideal complement for all ages is “Backpacks" because shoulder bags allow freedom in the hands, with the difference that in this case the weight rests on the back and shoulders. When choosing, it is preferable that the width of the backpack does not exceed the width of the shoulders.

On the other hand, it is important to know that there are wide varieties of materials and textures in their packaging representing one of the most urban style. We therefore recommend that you choose backpacks made of natural fibres, as they are in direct contact with the back.

How to carry a handbag?

There are several types of beautiful handbag such as tote bags, envelopes, bags, briefcases, binders, minaudière and frame; this can vary depending on the handbag you choose, although the way you carry it is the same.

Today, we will talk about the tote bag, as this design can be worn in two ways as a bandit or as a handbag and for this case it is important to know how to carry a tote properly to prevent possible injuries?

As we had previously advised; it is preferable not to carry too much the handbag because it could generate epicondylitis, also called "tennis elbow", which is when the arm musculature is shortened and generates rigidity. But it can be easily solved by alternating the arm every 15 minutes and carrying it on the shoulder or with the shoulder strap.

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