Why should you buy a Handcraft bag?

Because it is a unique work of art, unique to each designer and craftsman. They are handcrafted using traditional techniques and clearly guaranteed materials. Where do you find them? In Vaufoulot's official online shop, you can find a wide variety of models that guarantee exclusivity in handmade luxury bags, ecological, durable and above all fashionable bags.

In fact, these confections are elaborated in delicate material derived from leather, wool, fruit waste and natural fibres. For some models this is combined with other handcrafted products such as jewellery, basketry, beading, painting, embroidery among others to give greater glamour.

The material used for luxury bags is carefully selected according to the design. These include organic cotton, natural leather, bamboo, hemp, jute, rattan, pineapple, mushrooms and others.

Luxury Bags created by Vaufoulot

Benefits of buying a handmade luxury bags

They guarantee creative, unique and ecological designs.

They enhance your elegance, because it is an accessory that will surely match your footwear or clothing.

They are also very practical and comfortable because you will be able to wear them naturally, they take care of your skin and they are very light.

They are easy to maintain in terms of care, without fear of deforming them because the material used is of the highest quality.

You will receive in a fast delivery of 24 hours. And without added cost.

Handmade Luxury Bags created by Vaufoulot

Importance of buying bags with Vaufoulot

You're probably wondering why it's important to buy a handmade Luxury Bags in this online store? There are many important reasons that will encourage you to buy a new bag in Vaufoulot as they meet your needs for acquisition by its renowned brand of luxury, variety, quality and durability of the item over the years.

It will be updated in fashion with the use of these bags of ecological material and you will have the opportunity to select them according to size, shape and color. Vaufoulot offers the client some suggestions and recommendations according to the usefulness of the models they promote.

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    • Yomaira Piñero
    • 2019-07-31 16:26:03
    ¡fabuloso! me encanta este producto porque es elaborado especialmente para mi, sobre todo por el tipo de material que no se desgasta ni se maltrata con el uso consecutivo y lo puedo llevar conmigo por mucho tiempo porque es muy liviano. Destaca mi personalidad ecologista , enaltece mi belleza con un toque de elegancia. Por todo eso ¡muchas gracias!
    • Mercè Escrig
    • 2019-09-04 22:10:21
    Me encantan !!! Son bolsos con filosofía ecológica hemos de aprender a no comprar y desechar al poco tiempo . En mi caso volver a nuestra infancia donde se tenía menos pero de mucha más calidad .
    • Vaufoulot
    • 2019-09-05 20:37:57
    Muchas gracias merce por tu comentario. Eso es lo que intentamos hacer. Aunque no sea facil siempre. Son muchos esfuerzos y los resultados son inciertos.

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