Do you sometimes feel the need to look back for the essential?

Do you try to find yourself again?

Are you looking for your origins? For these reasons we want to design bags of love so you can discover a world where there is no limit that succumbs to magic.

Some high-end ethical luxury handbags and accessories, designed to think about the preservation of the planet.

A flattering proposal with which it will be difficult to go unnoticed.

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Our bags of love are beautiful, elegant and in it fit the happiness of the little things.

That is why we create this ideal and essential complement.

We explore with sumptuous materials and unusual accessories to create high quality branded bags.

As a result of this synergy, it is an object of passion always seeking harmony and well-being.

Vaufoulot highlights the nuances of craftsmanship, innovation, design and exclusivity with a female trend.

Fashion is not only on the catwalks ... It's on the streets, where we work and wherever we fill our days with magic.